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InoSens in Brief
Who We Are & How We Think
Investing in Digital Disruption

InoSens in Brief

Founded in 2014, InoSens is an innovation driven consultancy focused on value creation in the agrifood value chain.

We deliver a broad range of experience and services for the agrifood ecosystem. With an established track record for successful EU-funded projects, we apply technologies of tomorrow today.

We work with multinational companies, small and medium enterprises, research centres, universities and public institutions across Europe.

InoSens’ office is based in Novi Sad, Serbia.

Why choose InoSens?
  • Depth and diversity of expertise
Our team’s skill-set is deliberately diverse. Each team member has complementary skills that bring a different perspective to finding innovative and sustainable agrifood supply chain solutions. Each one of us accounts for a company on his/her own.
  • International reach
Our team is comprised of internationally qualified professionals from the agribusiness and consulting sectors. Favoring a hands-on approach, we endeavor to work side by side with clients, as part of the same team.
  • Objective and targeted solutions
We offer flexible collaboration options and objective advice tailored to the needs of each partner.
  • Expert partnership development
As specialists in partnership relations, we ensure streamlined communication and cooperation between industry collaborators.

Investing in Digital Disruption

InoSens aims to identify opportunities for digital innovation in the agrifood value chain well in advance of their market impact and execute such initiatives with precision to deliver market success. In this regard, our work takes into account evolving technologies like the IoT, big data and robotics.

  • Mapping the disruption potential

In a world of rapid change, traditional business models are no longer enough to create value for the consumer. We begin by exploring how established models can be disrupted by new technologies, entrants and ideas of value.

  • Designing a compelling response
In order to provide a structured framework to help guide the thinking process, we outline relevant areas that need to be considered in relation to disruption management and value creation in the agrifood value chain:
  1. Recalibrating cost structures
  2. Replenishing revenue streams
  3. Reshaping business strategies
  • Putting plans into action

We work to create coherent and effective strategies at all levels. A key part of these strategies is a change in the agrifood value chain.


Who We Are & How We Think

We see ourselves as catalysts for change that help in the discovery of novel solutions in the agrifood value chain, acting as triggers to your ideas and projects. We are committed team players striving for excellence, investing in a range of innovations with strong potential on disruption on a large scale.

  • Mission

InoSens is a do-thank that develops innovative thinking and practical solutions to agrifood challenges, with the use of advanced technologies.

  • Vision

We want to bring a vital change in the agrifood value chain and ensure safe and adequate food for the future generations.

  • Values

Our values are at the core of what we cherish at InoSens. By putting our values into practice, we can create meaningful benefits for our clients and partners.



Emerging industries as key enablers for the adoption of advanced technologies in the agrifood sector (H2020-INNOSUP-2015-1)
KATANA supports European SMEs and startups in the agrifood value chain to access knowledge, technology, capital and markets in order to respond to the global competitive environment. KATANA provides this access by leveraging the multiplier potential of cross-border/cross-sectoral collaboration, and with its systemic approach, which homogenizes services towards the overall aim to place new products/ services in the market. KATANA’s systemic approach entails combining (i) an innovative selection and funding scheme based on peer to peer evaluation and crowdfunding; (ii) a holistic portfolio of support services covering the entire KATANA lifecycle and (iii) three large scale demonstrators capitalizing upon emerging industries (eco-industries, mobile services and personalized health).
Role of InoSens: WP Leader in large scale demonstrators, in charge of designing a digital marketplace for precision agriculture services, in charge of providing technical support to project beneficiaries, and in charge of exploitation, business modelling and ecosystem building

Our Team

Grigoris Chatzikostas - CEO
Driven by a bold entrepreneurial spirit, Grigoris cultivates cross-sectoral Europe-wide connections into networks with great disruptive potential. In 15 years he has initiated and managed projects to introduce ICTs into agrifood and environmental monitoring, in value exceeding 35m EUR. He dreams of a world where geeks and farmers speak the same language.
Radnička 24, Novi Sad, Serbia
Phone: +381 21 301 69 64
Email: info@inosens.rs